Whiplash Treatment in Oxon Hill

Have you been in a car accident in Oxon Hill? Oxon Hill chiropractor Dr. Hamed Norani can help you with whiplash treatment.  His office in Oxon Hill also served patients that reside in Alexandria, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Clinton and Upper Malboro, Maryland. The beltway and surface streets in and around Oxon Hill result in many car accidents which can lead to whiplash.


Causes of whiplash:

What causes a whiplash injury is not totally understood. Whiplash injuries could be the result of stretching of the spine , primarily the ligament: anterior longitudinal ligament as the head snaps forward and then back again causing a whiplash injury.


Whiplash is often caused by any motion similar to being rear ended in car, such as what may take place on a roller coaster.  Sport injuries like snowboard and skiing accidents can also result in whiplash.


If you have experienced whiplash please contact Dr. Hamed Norani today who can help you with the treatment of your whiplash.